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Where business meets creativity, is a trusted news source that informs and educates its audience on current market and industry trends. is an online media platform that features long-term business executives and industry veterans from the worlds of business, technology, and music, celebrating thought leadership and sharing valuable perspectives on the ever-changing business landscape. 

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Along with highlighting cool gadgets and next generation technologies, such as IoT, CleanTech, Medtech, wearables and enterprise-ready solutions, covers topics such as workforce optimization, career growth, investing and wealth building, while shedding light on the psychology behind improving your office and personal workspace designs.

With a wide range of content, the platform aims to provide actionable ideas and strategies for improving viewers' personal and professional lives.



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FEBRUARY 19, 2023
Meet Taykon.

New Smart Contract Technology, Takyon, Fuels EV and Energy Savings While Growing Clean Energy Infrastructure

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022
What's Peakbot?

Startup Wants To Put A Stock Trader In Your Pocket, Aims To Become The Household Name For Algorithmic Trading

OCTOBER 28, 2022
The Heroes League

The Heroes League Game Day Incentivizes Learning Through Shared Experiences And Competitive Game Play



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Who are we? is an online media platform that focuses on educating like-minded people on the latest business trends while also celebrating creativity and music. It's a new trusted source of news and information that offers coverage on a wide range of topics, including new technology, wearable gadgets, and innovative solutions for businesses.

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